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"Then, no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its own existence."

-- Thomas Jefferson

Problem and Solution

This is an open letter to young Americans. Your future -- and the future of your children and their children in turn -- will depend on how well we understand the crisis we now face. We can not rely on the political process to self-correct this time. This problem will not be solved unless the citizenry understands its causes and solutions.

Please. This is not false hysteria and it is not theory. What is happening in our country has happened time and time again in other countries throughout history. But it has never happened on a scale like that of the United States of America.

I especially call on the journalists who -- like our country -- are still the best in the world. We must send an unmistakable message to Washington, now.

The six pages of this web site describe the problem and its causes, and suggest some simple, common sense solutions.

The Problem
The number on this girl's sign is the current debt per person

But less than half of all citizens pay taxes. The debt per taxpayer is $109,000. This means a child born today who will one day become a taxpayer, starts with a debt of over $100,000.

Worse, this burden will increase to $160,000 by 2012 -- up 60% in four years. (Even the most partisan skeptic will find the source credible; it is www.whitehouse.gov. Go here and scroll down to table 7.1)

And these figures do not include unfunded Medicare and Social Security liabilities, nor the exploding debt of states and municipalities.

If, as you look at the chart below, you think to yourself something like, "Bush's wars caused this problem," or this is out-of-control Democrat spending -- please. We must elevate our thinking beyond what too often seems like a football game where we get to influence the outcome by rooting for the Democrats or Republicans. This is too serious for that. Our elected officials are, by and large good people who find themselves in a system that is not working for the people. It is not a Democrat or Republican problem. The system is broken. But there are solutions. Read on.

You probably know someone who spends beyond their means and when they can't pay the bills, borrows more. Most of us would not do such a thing. But our government is doing it for us -- with our money and our kids' money.

Our children have no say in the matter. This is -- at best -- taxation without representation in a form far more insidious than that protested at the "Boston Tea Party." At worst, it is nothing short of stealing. If someone stole your wallet, you would be angry, right? Well, this is your kids' money, and it is not a wallet; it is $160,000. The government has no right to do this, and it is destroying the country.

Most voters think, "We can trust those in charge to do the right thing." Wrong. History has proven repeatedly that we can not just sit back and trust the system.

What can you do? It is not enough for the pendulum to swing toward fiscal conservatism and then back to politics as usual. The message we send to Washington must be so loud and clear that it will not be forgotten for a hundred years.

We are at a crossroads. The greatest governmental system ever created is at risk. If we do not take collective and bold action -- this year -- it may be too late. The consequences could be staggering.

The participants of the 1773 tea party risked their lives to stand against taxation without representation. Soldiers have given their lives to defend the system they created. Are you willing to simply forward a link to a non-partisan page that educates people about the facts?

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2. Meltdown Simplified

3. Taxation without Representation
4. What Works --
What Doesn't?

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